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The International Battery & Energy Storage Alliance (IBESA) is delighted to announce that it will be organizing the IBESA Mexican Energy Storage Workshop @ Solar Power Mexico, taking place on March 19 and 20, 2019 at Centro Citibanamex, Mexico City.

The event consists of two separate workshop days addressing hot topics currently impacting the Latin American energy storage industry on both a basic and advanced level. 

Join a vast number of industry peers for a workshop filled with in-depth education and high-quality networking! 

March 19 | 9:00 am  12:00 pm
The Emerging Impact of Energy Storage Technologies in Mexico – Understanding the Value Streams of Energy Storage for Your Business 

  • The evolution of energy storage: A holistic view into the past, present and future 
  • Economics of energy storage systems – Where are the returns?
  • Doing energy storage business in Mexico – Dos & Don’ts  
  • Latest contributions of technology research to the energy storage industry

March 20 | 9:00 am  12:00 pm
Advanced Level Energy Storage Workshop: Maximizing Business Performance & Project ROI in the Mexican Market and Beyond 

  • Innovative concepts needed to succeed in the storage marketplace
  • Advancements made in energy storage system technology
  • The international view: Best practices & lessons learned
  • Integration of storage into the asset management and O&M plan

Introduction to the Latin American Energy Storage Market:

March 19 | 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
The Emerging Impact of Energy Storage Technologies in Mexico – Understanding the Value Streams of Energy Storage for Your Business

This three-hour intense workshop session is specifically tailored to needs of manufacturers, distributors, installers, integrators and project developers and touches base on the crucial points currently impacting the Mexican energy storage landscape.

Highly respected industry experts will provide a holistic overview of the current market status, forecast future scenarios and strategies on how to monetize developing solar and storage opportunities. In addition to first-hand knowledge from the field incl. lessons learned from matured markets, delegates will gain a deep understanding of the different technologies and successfully proven business strategies in the different storage market segments.

9:00 am | The Evolution of Energy Storage: A Holistic View into the Past, Present and Future

  • Economics of energy storage systems – Where are the returns? 
  • Assessing the dynamics of energy storage
  • Value streams & successful business strategies

Markus Hoehner, CEO & President, International Battery & Energy Storage Alliance (IBESA)

9:20 am | Opportunities and Challenges for Energy Storage in Distributed Generation in Mexico

Marco V. Calderón Agoitia, Managing Partner of the Energy and Strategic Development Practice, Cosmo Consulting

9:40 am | Assessing the Regulatory Framework for Energy Storage in Mexico

  • Regulation regarding energy storage within the Mexican applicable framework
  • The Energy Transition Law and its regulations, the Special Transition Energy Program and the wholesale electricity market bases, as legal foundation for energy storage in Mexico
  • Initiatives, challenges and opportunities for the development of regulation regarding energy storage in the Mexico

Benjamín Torres-Barrón, Partner, Baker & McKenzie Abogados, S.C.

10:00 am | Evaluation of Key Applications for the Energy Storage Market

  • Identifying needs for energy storage and how to differentiate them from grid tied market
  • Translating an identified need into an application and a possible opportunity
  • Key applications in energy storage like peak shaving, time of use, grid tied battery backup systems, microgrids and reliable energy in the face of natural disasters

Ing. Miguel Ángel Alquicira R., Applications and Sales Engineer, Alpha Mexico / Outback Power

10:20 am | Refreshment Break

10:40 am | Energy Storage Revenue Mode 2012 – 2019

  • The past 7 years has been the fastest development years for Energy Storage projects – from demo to large commercial deployments
  • This presentation will share the most popular applications that we see in these years

Michael Liu, Director, Energy Storage, BYD America Corp.
Manuel Vegara, CEO, Pireos Power 

11:00 am | The Transition from Solar Based On-grid Inverters to Energy Storage Solutions

  • The experience of matured markets
  • Mexico’s energy tipping point

Apollo Chai, Senior International Marketing Manager, GoodWe Power Supply Technology Co.,Ltd   
11:20 am |  Exploring Storage Solutions in Mexico’s C&I and Private Offtaker Markets

  • Lessons and trends gleaned from other mature markets
  • Technology trends and cost curves globally and in Mexico

Manan Parikh, Analyst, Power & Renewables, Wood Mackenzie
11:40 am | Future of Energy Storage Solutions: Technical Aspects

  • Assessment of existing energy storage and hydrogen solutions
  • Technology benchmark: What will work best in the Mexican market?

Ricardo Morales, Solar Energy Specialist Senior & Centro America, Fronius México, SA de CV

12:00 pm | Closing & Networking

Advanced Topics in Energy Storage:

March 20 | 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Advanced Level Energy Storage Workshop: Maximizing Business Performance & Project ROI in the Mexican Market and Beyond 

Aimed at energy storage professionals along the entire value chain, this forward-thinking session will equip your company with innovative concepts needed to succeed in the storage marketplace of tomorrow.

Focusing on the technology’s different value streams, experts will also discuss associated opportunities and how these streams can be monetized in the short-term. Today’s most innovative approaches and business strategies will be discussed, including insights of leading manufacturers, distributors and installers in a panel discussion. Moreover, this session will cover advancements made in energy storage system technology including component research to enhance system performance and ROI will be addressed. Learn directly from the industry leaders where it’s worth to invest right now, how you improving project economics through optimized system design, and learn about best practices on the integration of storage into the asset management and O&M plan. Become part of this deep-dive session and have your say on what is needed to achieve solid storage market structures in Mexico and learn from international best practices.  

9:00 am | Energy Storage Opportunities in the Mexican Power Market

  • Future vision for energy storage in Mexico
  • Real-life example: Aura Solar III project, the first PV facility in Mexico with a large scale BESS in La Paz

Hector Olea, President and CEO, Gauss Energia

9:20 am | Innovating & Advancing Renewables Generation with Energy Storage

  • Market Use-Cases, Global Installed Capacity, Li-on Cell Market, Climate Impact
  • Optimizing System Design
  • Powin Business Model 
  • Hardware Design 
  • Case Studies
  • Wholesale Market Revenue Strategies
  • C&I Microgrids

Blake Frye, EVP Sales and Marketing, Powin Energy
9:40 am | Monetizing Energy Storage

  • Commercial Models in utility-scale energy storage
  • The case for T&D deferral
  • How does C&I benefit from energy storage

Pablo Barrague, Market Applications Director, LatAm, Fluence, a Siemens and AES Company
10:00 am | Industrial Storage System Architectures and Use Cases

  • AC and DC coupled storage system architectures. The differences between the two and benefits of each
  • Use cases for utility energy storage including frequency response, peak shaving, load shifting and more! 

Alejandro Avellaneda, Applications Engineer, SMA America

10:20 am | From Data to Case Study Due Diligence – How to Modelize and Optimize Costs in Energy Storage

  • Energy Storage Market Data: 
    - Energy storage installed and project capacity: Global figures, and data for Latin America and the  Caribbean
    - Ranking of players
  • Due diligence of storage projects based on real-life case studies
    - Revenue line: computing business models for key applications
    - Cost line: understanding cost structure of energy storage contracts 
    - Key contractual risks to look out to in an energy storage project

Coralie Carrier-Clerambault, Director of Business Development Americas, Clean Horizon Americas

10:40 am | Refreshment Break
11:00 am | Global Off-Grid Energy Storage Developments With Focus on Mexico

  • Global OFF-GRID storage market – Status-quo and future vision
  • OFF-GRID storage market in Mexico – Needs and example applications 
  • Importance of choosing bankable partners – Quality aspects: Trustworthy products to enhance system ROI  

Jeffrey Wang, Business Development Manager, STAUBLI MEXICO
11:20 am |Fast-tracking Energy Storage to Enhance Grid Reliability: Best Practices in Design to Enhance Value

  • This session will discuss best practices that helped deploy multi-megawatt energy storage projects in the Los Angeles Basin as part of the Southern California Edison 2016 Aliso Canyon Energy Storage Resources Adequacy solicitation.
  • The projects were developed in less than one year – an industry first for energy storage assets of this size on a distribution system. The session will highlight best practices in the design, manufacturing, control, of the electrical power distribution systems for several of these projects.

Victor Reyes, Senior Engineer, Eaton Mexico
Ricardo Uribe, Sales Manager, Eaton Mexico

11:40 am |Key Factors for Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) System Integration

  • Overview of the key factors to consider in a system integration
  • Discuss the challenges for a BESS integrator
  • BESS main applications

Pedro C. Elizondo, Senior Manager, Business Development and Application Engineering, Flex Energy
12:00 pm |Energy Storage Technology Innovations for Central America
Oriol Brunet, Business Development Manager LATAM, INGETEAM POWER TECHNOLOGY

12:15 pm | Closing & Networking


International Battery & Energy Storage Alliance


Daniel Fuchs
Director Marketing & Event Management