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Date: Saturday, 6 April 2019

Venue: Istanbul Fuar Merkezi (IFM) | EFES Conference Room

Energy Storage Turkey Conference

Aimed at renewable energy professionals along the entire value chain, this deep-dive workshop analyzes the industry’s future roadmap and provides comprehensive insight on latest policy developments impacting the Turkish energy storage market.

Presented by hand-picked experts including most influential authorities and key players from the industry, the individual topics will outline the current political situation and tackle the question how a sustainable renewable energy industry can be created and maintained. Moreover, this workshop informs stakeholders about latest technological advancements, already successfully proven business models that can be applied to Turkey and crucial lessons learned in international markets. Real life examples and best practices for successful energy storage development are also in the limelight of this session.


Eren Engür, Managing Partner, Icarus Energy LLC

10:00 am

Understanding the Value Streams of Energy Storage: A Holistic View into the Past, Present and Future.

Markus A.W. Hoehner, CEO, International Battery Storage Alliance (IBESA)

10:20 am

The International Perspective: Best Practices and Lessons Learned

Jonathan Gifford, Managing Editor, PV Magazine

10:40 am

Evaluation of Main Technologies and Application Segments for Energy Storage Systems

Helen Yu, Senior ESS Project Development Manager, BYD

11:00 am

From a political perspective: Turkish Energy Storage Market

Kutay Kaleli, President, Günder

11:20 am

Energy Market regulations and energy storage applications

Halil Demirdag, President, Gensed

11:40 am

The Regional Specifics of the Turkish Energy Storage Market

Muhsin Mazman, New Tech & Lab Manager, Mutlu Akü

12:00 pm