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The International Battery & Energy Storage Alliance – IBESA is delighted to announce its continuing cooperation with Solar Power International. As part of this year’s online educational program in the run-up to the SPI trade fair in October, both organizations have teamed-up to present in-depth education to the energy storage industry.


The U.S. Energy Storage Market – Business Trends, Opportunities & Challenges  

Date: 9-11 September 2020

Time: 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM PST

Format: Digital conference




Day 1 | 9 September 2020

U.S. Energy Storage Market Developments: Post Pandemic Opportunities »

This market intelligence session will highlight most compelling market developments and business trends across all segments (residential, commercial, large-scale). Reflecting the views of leading researchers, project developers and manufacturers, delegates will gain a deep understanding of the status-quo and projected future developments. You can expect vital information to fine-tune your strategy and learn how to succeed in the marketplace of tomorrow.  


Day 2 | 10 September 2020

Storage 2.0: Technological Advancements and Innovative Business Models »

Particularly designed for the needs of downstream players, this session presents latest technological breakthroughs and showcases successfully proven business models. Equip your company with innovative concepts needed to succeed in the storage marketplace of tomorrow, with a substantial focus on new opportunities provided by the technology’s unique value streams. Technical experts will touch base on the distinct value propositions and explain how system ROI can be noticeably advanced.


Day 3 | 11 September 2020

Real-life Examples and Best Practices for Energy Storage Projects »

Delegates can expect a practice-oriented session highlighting topics that are currently impacting the downstream segment. In addition to insights on local market dynamics, speakers will touch base on lessons learned and best practices from the field. Furthermore, this session will feature emerging financing mechanisms for systems and projects and describe how they change the market in the future.






International Battery & Energy Storage Alliance


Daniel Fuchs
Director Marketing & Event Management