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26. 09. 2017

JF4S @ Intersolar Middle East

26 September 2017 | Dubai, UAE

Joint Forces for Solar

Time: 01:45 pm - 03:15 pm
Venue: Conrad Hotel, Dubai Conference Room I

This session will provide updates on established markets in the MENA region. Several countries in the Middle East and North Africa can now be considered mature solar PV markets. The United Arab Emirates is preparing to host a giant solar project with the lowest electricity price ever seen in a utility scale PV project, $0.0242/kWh. Egypt, after a couple of years of stalling, is seeing its FIT program regain momentum with the financial closing of several projects. Jordan is constantly reporting a sustained growth of solar pushed by the large-scale segment, but also by the commercial net metering PV sector, which appears to be on an encouraging upward trajectory. Morocco has finally begun implementing the PV phase of its solar program, which saw a predominance of CSP over the previous years.

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