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Past Events

10. 05. 2021

Solar Power Summit 2021

Join us for the second digital edition of the SolarPower Summit! The 2021 edition of the SolarPower Summit is 100% dedicated to driving sustainable change and making the recovery in the wake of the pandemic a true European...


28. 04. 2021

SSDC: Solar Market Briefing Vietnam

This expert workshop session is designed to equip manufacturers, distributors, installers, integrators and project developers with the crucial, late-breaking trends impacting the Vietnamese solar marketplace.


26. 04. 2021

SSDC: Supply Chain Challenges During COVID-19 - Global Market & Logistics Update 2021

The pandemic has led to global lockdowns severely affecting the supply chains of all international industries. Lock downs led to production and therefore supply shortfalls, delayed project completion and finally increased prices...


22. 04. 2021

SSDC: JA Solar Booth Live Day - The World Earth Day and JA Solar in Europe 2021

Climate change is a challenge to every single person in the world. On the World Earth Day, let’s follow JA Solar to check their opinion on the climate change, how JA improve this situation and Higher Power Modules possibility!


13. 04. 2021

SSDC: USA Solar & Storage Market

Without a doubt, the US offers one of the greatest potentials to be a solar nation. Nontheless, the market experienced heavy fluctuations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly in the first half of 2020.


25. 03. 2021

Key Energy Digital Green Weeks: Downstream Market Briefing 2021 - Italy

In cooperation with EUPD Research, the International Battery and Energy Storage Alliance invites you to an energy-storage focused session on the latest Italian market developments including the Superbonus.


23. 03. 2021

SSDC Live Day: Australia

The PV and storage market in Australia has been booming for some years now. This event and the speakers will shed light on recent developments and give an outlook on the potential for the years to come.


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