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Past Events

27. 07. 2021

Mexican Energy Storage Market & Technology Briefing

Let’s celebrate the Mexican storage revolution together! This energizing workshop session is designed to equip manufacturers, distributors, installers, integrators and project developers with the crucial, late-breaking trends...


21. 07. 2021

The smarter E Industry Days

The smarter E Industry Days will include the award ceremony for The smarter E AWARD, Intersolar AWARD and ees AWARD 2021.


14. 07. 2021

Technical Solar & Energy Storage Briefing Europe

This session will highlight different EU solar and storage trends from both a technical and market point of view. Learn about market drivers, such as falling costs, growing flexibility needs, evolving markets and electricity...


01. 07. 2021

EPC / Project Development Global View

Senior executives in the project development business will today share their best practices and lessons learned in a high-level approach and outline the future vision of the commercial and large-scale segments. Enjoy a punchy...


29. 06. 2021

Webinar: Advanced In-Situ Experiments on Metal Organic Frameworks

In this contribution, we aim to go beyond the regular phase identification of MOF’s using advanced X-ray powder diffraction techniques to be able to assess their structural characterization including in-situ experiments and...


17. 06. 2021

Online Workshop - Enhancing Battery Performance with Materials Quality Control

The analytical capabilities of Malvern Panalytical and NETZSCH Analyzing and Testing can be applied to broad areas of the battery manufacturing process. Following the successful joint webinar on March 11th, we are now hosting...


14. 06. 2021

Intersolar Middle East

Middle East Energy, Intersolar, and ees, the leading energy exhibitions are joining hands to co-deliver an outstanding renewables and energy storage event at Middle East Energy 2021.