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  • Sponsor of the IBESA Storage Day @ Solar Energy UK in Birmingham

    “It has been a very interesting event, driven by valuable contents and outstanding speakers and very well organized from a logistics standpoint. We are very happy about our participation and about the attendance more in general.” 
  • Jonathan Cohen, Principal Associate, Eversheds LLP

    “The conference was excellent with high quality speakers and it was an excellent opportunity to network with some of the early adopters in this growing sector. Whilst there are challenges facing ES, some of these challenges are similar to those facing the UK solar PV sector in its early days and these have now been successfully overcome.” 
  • Dr. Ioannis Papadopoulos, Project Director, Pure Energy Professionals

    “UK Energy Storage was a well organised and very informative event. EuPD clearly have significant amounts of in-depth knowledge and are very good at conveying it, even to non-specialist participants. Overall the event represented an excellent opportunity for networking and was money well spent.”

  • Nick Kitchin, Managing Director, Cumulus Energy Storage Ltd

    “I thought several of the presentations were informative and useful. For us, several people approached us regarding commercial opportunities and additional finance, so the outcomes could be significant.”

  • Andrew Watts, UK Account Manager Solar Residential Sales, SHARP Electronics (Europe) GmbH

    “Energy Storage UK 2015 was very interesting and featured a good breadth of speakers. As energy storage is going to play a major part in the renewable industry in the years to come, the part played by conferences such as this and market research is vital in increasing industry understanding and awareness.”

  • Tim Müller, Head of Research & Development, BELECTRIC GmbH

    “Thank you for the good event! I believe it was really well organized. I think, there was a slight priority on residential storage solutions, which may be caused by the situation of the UK and German market. For the future it would be great to also have utility-scale solutions a bit more pronounced (and network operators). But all in all there were very interesting speakers and attendees from all sites present! I also appreciated the presence of investment companies at the event. This might be something to pronounce even further the next time.”