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Post Conference Thoughts | RENEWABLE ENERGY TRADE MISSION IN KSA, 3 - 4 OCTOBER 2017

Interview with Andrew Renton, Partner, Bird & Bird LLP, panellist at the conference session “How Will Storage Impact the Saudi Plan?”


Eco Marine Global – Face-To-Face with Markus A.W. Hoehner About His Vision for Marine Transportation | Markus A.W. Hoehner, Founder/Director, Eco Marine Global FZC

Founder Markus Hoehner answered questions about his path to sustainability in his undertakings of the past 16 years.


Are Digitalisation & Storage the Future of Solar? Solarwatt Helps Us Breakdown These Two Trends

We sat down with Michiel van Schalkwijk, VP of International Sales at Solarwatt, to discuss the digital & storage trends in the solar sector.



14. 02. 2019

TATA Power, The AES Corporation and Mitsubishi Corporation Inaugurate Largest Grid-Scale Energy Storage System in India

India's largest grid-scale battery-powered storage system was inaugurated today by Tata Power, AES Corporation and Mitsubishi Corporation in Rohini, Delhi.


13. 02. 2019

Bronzeville School to be Equipped with Off-Grid Renewable Lighting

The Beethoven Elementary School in Chicago's Bronzeville neighborhood is delighted with the installation of off-grid luminaires on its campus.


12. 02. 2019

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency Supports Energy Projects with $10 Million

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) will fund 12 different energy projects and studies with $9.6 million with the goal to strengthen the integration of distributed energy resources (DER). DER describes all...


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14. 01. 2019

Artificial Intelligence for the Energy Transition

Artificial Intelligence is going to have a tremendous impact on our lives and the energy sector will be impacted significantly. To new college graduates, Bill Gates said in 2017 that “If I were starting out today… I would...


20. 11. 2018

Interview: Skeleton´s New Ultracapacitor System in Scotland | Olivier Chabilan, Product Marketing Manager, Skeleton Technologies

ees International talked to Olivier Chabilan, Product Marketing Manager, Skeleton Technologies, about the company’s new project on the Isle of Eigg and its impact on the future of limiting blackouts throughout the world’s energy...


14. 11. 2018

The State of the Decentralised Renewable Energy Sector

There are 12 key Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which need to be achieved in the decentralised renewable energy sector and the first developments are taking shape.


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