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10. 12. 2018

Nexif Energy Further Expands Lincoln Gap Wind Farm 12/10/2018

Nexif Energy announced Financial Close and Notice to Proceed with expansion of Lincoln Gap Wind Farm in Port Augusta, South Australia.


07. 12. 2018

Researchers at MIT Discover Silicon as a New Storage Medium for Thermal Energy

Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are working on the fundamental challenge of storing energy temporarily in a storage facility without using fossil fuels and, if necessary, releasing it back into the...


06. 12. 2018

Sonnen Puts Virtual Battery Into Operation

Energy company sonnen and tiko Energy Solutions have teamed up to bring the largest virtual battery as of yet to their customers in Germany. It consists solely of home storage units and will be able to help with fluctuations in...



08. 10. 2018

Interview: Thermal Batteries as Addition to the Current Energy Storage Market | Dr. Christian Thiel, CEO, EnergyNest

Founded in 2011 by Professor Pål Bergan, EnergyNest has focused on the development of Thermal Battery technologies. ees International talked to EnergyNest’s CEO Dr. Christian Thiel about the company’s past and future.


02. 10. 2018

The New Generation of Saltwater Batteries | Dr. Thomas F. Krausse, Managing Director, BlueSky Energy and Lyle Gold, US Operations, BlueSky Energy

Saltwater batteries have an electrolyte which is a form of saltwater and therefore gives the name to these forms of batteries. They have no flow, no moving or rotating parts and from an architectural perspective they are similar...


11. 09. 2018

A Reality Check About Supply Chain of Lithium-Ion Batteries | Fayaz Ahmed, Founder & Chief Analyst, Sustainable Energy & Blockchain Solutions (SEB’S)

Lithium-ion batteries are preferred for a number of commercial applications. Let’s start from our homes, 10 years ago we had one lithium battery in our home, today we have more than 10 for sure. We have lithium batteries in our...