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06. 02. 2019

Christine Barman is New Chief Technology Officer at Eaton

The technology company Eaton announced personnel changes. In the future, Christine Barmann will fill the position of Chief Technology Officer and lead the technology strategy of Eaton's industrial sector.


05. 02. 2019

Freudenberg Acquires Further Shares in XALT Energy

In March 2018 the global technology company Freudenberg and its Sealing Technologies Business Group acquired 31.8 percent of the shares of the lithium-ion manufacturer XALT Energy.


04. 02. 2019

Observation of Lithium Atoms with Supercomputing Support

In order to obtain more information on the properties and behavior of atomic processes, materials scientists like to resort to simulations.



02. 10. 2018

The New Generation of Saltwater Batteries | Dr. Thomas F. Krausse, Managing Director, BlueSky Energy and Lyle Gold, US Operations, BlueSky Energy

Saltwater batteries have an electrolyte which is a form of saltwater and therefore gives the name to these forms of batteries. They have no flow, no moving or rotating parts and from an architectural perspective they are similar...


11. 09. 2018

A Reality Check About Supply Chain of Lithium-Ion Batteries | Fayaz Ahmed, Founder & Chief Analyst, Sustainable Energy & Blockchain Solutions (SEB’S)

Lithium-ion batteries are preferred for a number of commercial applications. Let’s start from our homes, 10 years ago we had one lithium battery in our home, today we have more than 10 for sure. We have lithium batteries in our...


03. 09. 2018

Solar System Makes Béthel Education Centre in Chad Less Dependent on Diesel | Iris Meyer, Press Officer, IBC SOLAR AG

Having access to electricity at all times of the day was certainly not taken for granted at Centre Béthel, a Catholic education centre in Chad.