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22. 11. 2018

Positive Development Forecast for Investments in Intelligent Buildings

Johnson Controls, a global leader in smart cities, sees smart buildings as a key factor for U.S. investment, according to latest survey results. 2,000 building and energy management executives from 20 nations were surveyes.


21. 11. 2018

New Energy Supply Finally Supplies the Small Isles Archipelago with Electricity Throughout the Day

The island archipelago of Fair Isle, Canna and Sanday, 25 kilometres off Scotland’s west coast, shuts down its diesel generators for renewable energy systems. In the future, residents will be supplied with photovoltaic, wind and...


20. 11. 2018

Timothy D. Vargo is Exide’s New President and CEO

As successor to Vic Koelsch, Timothy D. Vargo will take over the positions of President and CEO at Exide Technologies, the U.S. energy storage solution provider made public last week.