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10. 09. 2018

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Vehicles Depend on Place of Use

Wood Mackenzie Research examined the complete energy production chain up to the effective fuel consumption of a vehicle was investigated using a well-to-wheel analysis.


07. 09. 2018

International Financier Bruno Arnold Joining Cellcube´s Board of Directors

With over 50 years of experience in developing real estate, Swiss native Bruno Arnold will join Cellcube´s board of directors.


06. 09. 2018

Funding for Energy Storage Businesses in Upper Austria

Upper Austria has published a funding programme, which will help energy storage businesses to buy new PV and storage facilities to increase the use of renewable energies.



17. 11. 2014

Sicherheitsleitfaden Li-Ionen Hausspeicher *only available in German

Dieser Katalog legt Schutzziele fest für Batteriespeichersysteme mit und ohne Einbeziehung von Umrichtern auf Basis von wiederaufladbaren Lithium-Ionenzellen (Sekundär-Lithium-Ionenzellen) für die Nutzung als stationäre...[more]


12. 11. 2014

Energy: A billion holes can make a battery

Researchers at the University of Maryland have invented a single tiny structure that includes all the components of a battery that they say could bring about the ultimate miniaturization of energy storage components. [more]


03. 11. 2014

Safety begins with the details - Why choosing the right cells is essential for battery safety.

Lithium Ion storage systems are - due to their number of positive features - an essential part of very different fields of applications - including the field of storage of renewable energy. [more]