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14. 01. 2019

Power2Drive, IBESA and Others: Read our Manifesto for E-Mobility and Renewable Energy

IBESA and the other signatories of this joint declaration are not only demanding a clear signal from politicians, but also a progressive and consistent approach by industry and members of the public.


14. 01. 2019

EV-Charging Will Be Possible Via Voice Control of Google Assistant

SolarEdge, a U.S. provider of intelligent energy technology, and Google will work together to respond to the increased demand for intelligent energy solutions in the EV market.


11. 01. 2019

Volkswagen Enters the Energy Sector

With the founding of the new Group company Elli Group GmbH, based in Berlin, Germany, the Volkswagen Group is entering the energy sector and pursuing its strategic goal of becoming a leading provider of sustainable...