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02. 04. 2019

Sustainable Saving of Finite Fossil Resources – Residential Energy Storage Solutions

Our goal for the future is to allow customers to store their own electricity, which they produce via their PV system, wind turbine or water turbine, in their homes with very little effort and at low costs.


14. 03. 2019

DC/DC Bidirectional Conversion: An Increasingly Important Part of the Energy Storage Puzzle

A bidirectional DC/DC (DC-to-DC) converter is a piece of power electronics that can transfer energy in both directions between two DC buses. They are also known as four-quadrant converters because both current and voltage can...


05. 03. 2019

Hybrid Power Plants: Electrifying Isolated Villages

The electrification of African countries is becoming increasingly vital – not only to serve basic human needs but also to access commercial and developmental opportunities.