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16. 11. 2018

AI-Powered Energy Storage Systems to Assist Ontario Industrial Manufacturers

Stem, Inc. and Ontario Power Generation (OPG) have agreed on a partnership to bring advanced energy storage systems to Ontario, Canada. Those AI-powered systems will help the city’s industrial manufacturers in managing...


15. 11. 2018

Turkey is Girding Up Its Loins for the Upcoming Energy Storage Revolution

Since its dependency on foreign energy supplies is higher than 80%, and the generous solar irradiation and insolation has accelerated the domestic development in solar energy in recent years, Turkey has become the largest PV...


14. 11. 2018

Low Carbon Technologies Project Investigates the Impact of Electric Vehicles on the Power Grid

ElectraLink has teamed up with Western Power Distribution to launch a project to investigate the impact of electric vehicles and other low carbon technologies on the power grid.