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01. 04. 2019

Florida Power & Light Company Plans to Build World's Largest Solar Battery

The American energy company Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) today announced the construction of the world's largest solar-powered battery in Florida, USA.


29. 03. 2019

World's First Thermal Battery Introduced in Australia

South Australian battery company CCT Energy Storage today unveiled its Thermal Battery System (TED). The storage system is able to convert and store any form of fed-in energy into heat and release it again as energy at the...


28. 03. 2019

Research Initiative on Alternative Battery Storage at the University of Ulm Approved

An Excellence Commission consisting of international experts and science ministers from the federal and state governments has approved a total of 57 research clusters to receive funding.



24. 07. 2018

Structural Batteries Are Set to Revolutionise Energy Storage | Pascal Boulanger, Founder and COO, NAWA Technologies

Using a combination of nano-engineering and sustainable materials, French company NAWA Technologies believes it can turn ordinary objects into energy storage devices.


02. 07. 2018

ees North America Brings Key Energy Storage Trends to Life

In 2017, the energy storage market saw formidable growth, similar to the trajectory that the solar market took nearly ten years before.


09. 05. 2018

The Proposal for an EU Battery Alliance: Which Role for the European Battery Industry? | Francesco Gattiglio, EU Affairs Manager, EUROBAT

The proposal for the EU Battery Alliance was launched by the Vice-President of the European Commission Maroš Šef?ovi? last October.