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18. 10. 2018

New Approach to Maintaining the Energy Density of Lithium Sulfur Batteries

Researchers at Drexel College of Engineering have long been investigating the well-known problem of maintaining the performance of lithium-sulfur batteries. In the past, lithium-sulfur batteries proved to be more, advantageous as...


17. 10. 2018

ads-tec and Bosch to Cooperate in the Field of Storage Systems and Charging Infrastructure

Bosch Thermotechnology is going to purchase a 39% stake in ads-tec Energy GmbH to collaborate on the improvement of electric energy storage systems and the management of these systems.


16. 10. 2018

Alfa Power Installs Fastest Charging-Station with New Charging and Payment System

The EV charging network Alfa Power, based in Leeds, UK, is partnering with EV manufacturers and landowners to drive the expansion of electronic charging stations for electric vehicles.