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07. 05. 2019

Tesvolt Finances Europe's Largest Battery Storage Production Facility

Europe's largest gigafactory for battery storage is being built in Wittenberg, Germany. Tesvolt, manufacturer of electrical storage systems for trade and industry, invested in the gigafactory without the support of subsidies.


03. 05. 2019

Johnson Controls Power Solutions Successor Clarios Takes off

The newly established energy storage provider Clarios, formerly known as Johnson Controls Power Solutions, has been acquired and officially launched by Brookfield Business Partners.


02. 05. 2019

Centrica Installs Domestic Batteries to Support Cornish Grid

The international energy and services company Centrica has completed the installation of 100 batteries in households in Cornwall, UK, which marked a key stage in its £19m Local Energy Market trial.



05. 03. 2018

Vanadium-Redox-Flow: Pioneering Innovation Empowers Entry into Home Storage Market | Jakob Bitner, CEO and Co-Founder, VoltStorage GmbH

The home storage market is currently dominated by lithium-based systems. High-performance alternatives such as Vanadium Redox Flow (VRF) technology have not been able to establish themselves in the past despite major advantages,...


28. 02. 2018

Technology to Watch: Moixa’s GridShare | Chris Wright, Chief Technology Officer, Moixa

Moixa is the UK’s leading home battery company. It makes the Moixa Smart Battery and is pioneering battery aggregation with its GridShare platform.


19. 02. 2018

Objectively Modeling the Economics of Energy Storage Projects | Tracy Fosterling, Content Marketing Specialist, Energy Toolbase

Determining how much money a customer-sited Energy Storage System (ESS) saves can be tricky. The savings that ESS can achieve depends on many different inputs and assumptions of the project.