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13. 05. 2019

Infineon is Volkswagen's New E-Mobility Partner

Infineon Technologies AG, a German manufacturer of chips and power semiconductors for electric mobility, is a new partner for the automotive sector in the strategic supplier network FAST of the Volkswagen Group.


10. 05. 2019

Ohio Law Firm Underlines Commitment to Local Energy Industry with Installation of Own EV Charging Station

According to its own statement, Brickler & Eckler has been a pioneer in Ohio's energy industry for many years. Now the law firm is the first in the state with an own EV charging station, which can be used by employees as well as...


09. 05. 2019

Lithium Australia Teams Up With DLG Battery Co. Ltd.

Chinese battery producer DLG Battery Co. Ltd. and Lithium Australia joined forces to implement lithium-ion batteries, packs and modules for the Australian market.



01. 02. 2019

Batteries with Silicon Anodes – New Insights into Surface Structures Thanks to Neutron Experiments

The Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin for Materials and Energy (HZB) is a member of the Helmholtz Association, Germany’s biggest research organisation.


14. 01. 2019

Artificial Intelligence for the Energy Transition

Artificial Intelligence is going to have a tremendous impact on our lives and the energy sector will be impacted significantly. To new college graduates, Bill Gates said in 2017 that “If I were starting out today… I would...


20. 11. 2018

Interview: Skeleton´s New Ultracapacitor System in Scotland | Olivier Chabilan, Product Marketing Manager, Skeleton Technologies

ees International talked to Olivier Chabilan, Product Marketing Manager, Skeleton Technologies, about the company’s new project on the Isle of Eigg and its impact on the future of limiting blackouts throughout the world’s energy...