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13. 04. 2021

An Interview with Malvern Panalytical

In the field of battery and renewable energy storage, Malvern PANalytical offer a wide range of physical, chemical and structural solutions for battery-based energy storage and its analysis. We are talking to Umesh Tiwari,...


01. 04. 2021

Leading by Example: Environmental Corporate Responsibility in the Renewable Energy Industry

Climate change concerns everybody. From governments to the people they govern - and corporations and companies. The latter, especially production intensive companies, are some of the main contributors to the global emission of...


31. 03. 2021

BASF Presents Roadmap to Climate Neutrality

BASF is setting itself even more ambitious goals on its journey to climate neutrality and wants to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. Based on the most recent progress in developing low-emission and CO2-free technologies, the...


24. 03. 2021

NGK Wins Order for NAS Batteries to Be Installed for Upscaling Renewable Energy Sector Project of the Ministry of Energy, Mongolia

NGK INSULATORS, LTD. based in Nagoya, Japan, announced that it has won an order for NAS batteries for storing electrical energy for the Ministry of Energy of Mongolia. The order was received jointly with JGC Corporation, which is...


24. 03. 2021

VARTA Will Start Production of Cells for Electromobility

VARTA will produce battery cells for electromobility in the future. The new cell in the 21700 format, called V4Drive, will be produced on a pilot line at the group's headquarters in Ellwangen (Baden-Württemberg) at the end of...


23. 03. 2021

High Customer Demand Drives the Australian PV Market in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic

EUPD Research recently published the results of the 13th edition of the Global PV InstallerMonitor 2020/2021© for the Australian market. The survey sheds light on the rooftop PV segment in Australia, and provides exclusive...


10. 03. 2021

EuPD Research Awards Pylontech as the Top Storage Brand in Spain and Italy in 2021

Pylontech has been awarded the "Top Storage Brand in Italy and Spain 2021" seal. According to the results of a comprehensive survey carried out by EUPD Research among installers with their awareness to Pylontech product quanlity...