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14. 11. 2018

Turkey is Girding Up It’s Loins for the Upcoming Energy Storage Revolution

As of today the installed PV capacity in Turkey has reached over 5 GW. Another 1 GW’s tender is planned to be held in the first half of 2019; and this time with a 90 MWh li-ion storage option.


09. 11. 2018

Solar Park Yenotayevka Contributes to Energy Transition in Russia

An open space solar park with a capacity of 15MW has been built in the district of Astrachan by GILDEMEISTER. (German)


07. 11. 2018

BYD Selected for Zayed Sustainability Prize Jury Panel

BYD is proud to announce its founder and Chairman Wang Chuanfu has participated in the selection of 10 winners for the 2019 Zayed Sustainability Prize.


01. 11. 2018

ib vogt Delivers Largest Solar Park in the Netherlands

ib vogt celebrated the successful delivery of the solar park Scaldia on November 1st / With a capacity of 54.5 MWp and more than 140.000 solar panels Scaldia is the largest solar park in the Netherlands.


01. 11. 2018

BYD and ADL Demonstrate Strength of Partnership at EuroBusExpo

With a combined multinational engineering team working on a brand new joint project in Scotland, England and China, the BYD ADL electric bus partnership is hard at work innovating for the future, both parties said today.


25. 10. 2018

GoodWe Successfully Conducted its Training Workshop in Turkey

More than 250 local officials, developers, EPCs, big distributors and installers attended this event on 23rd October at Izmir Swiss Hotel, Turkey.


25. 10. 2018

The GoodWe SMT Inverter series: Compact and Powerful for Enhanced Efficiency

With its weight of just 40 kg and a compact size of 480mm*590mm*200mm, the inverters of the series SMT are now easier to handle and install than similar inverters in the market, saving you time and costs.