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09. 09. 2020

Unlimited Mobility with your own Solar Power

Electricity from your own roof for the electric car at more than 100,000 charging points in six European countries - with the SENEC.Cloud to go!


26. 08. 2020

BayWa r.e. Constructs Hybrid Solar-Wind Energy System

BayWa r.e. has completed the construction of a 10 MWp solar park 50km north of Bayreuth. The project was commissioned by a long-standing customer that manages the local property.


20. 08. 2020

manz AG: Order for Second Tranche from AKASOL for a Module Production Line at US Location

Back in February, AKASOL had ordered the first tranche for a module production line for the new Gigafactory 1 in Darmstadt. A second, identical module production line for the Gigafactory 2 at the US-American location of AKASOL AG...


06. 08. 2020

Eaton Delivers Intelligent Power Innovation with Predictive Monitoring of Low-Voltage Power Distribution Applications

The Technology combines panelboards and switchboards with intelligent circuit protection. Integrated solutions provide real-time insight into circuit breaker health to avoid costly downtime.


08. 07. 2020

VARTA AG lays the foundation stone for the expansion of lithium-ion production in Nördlingen in the presence of Prime Minister Markus Söder

The new building, which connects directly to the existing plant, will provide a production area of more than 15,000 square meters on two floors.


22. 06. 2020

There will be no vaccine against climate change

BayWa r.e.'s CEO Matthias Taft talks about the challenges of COVID-19 but also the catalytic chances it offers for the green energy transition.


10. 06. 2020

How industrial consumers can reduce their electricity costs with Battery Energy Storage Systems | Julia Badeda and Andrea Appel

The integration of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) is one opportunity after active load management to ensure a future-oriented economic production.