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18. 10. 2019

Technology leader BYD debuts warehouse range at IMHX

First-time exhibitor BYD is not only presenting innovative technologies at IMHX 2019 in Birmingham, the company is also sponsoring the Environment category of the exhibition's Logistics Award.


16. 10. 2019

VARTA: Power supply for hearing aids at the EUHA

One of the important factors to meet the best standards for people with hearing loss is a reliable energy supply.


10. 09. 2019

Secure a KfW 40 plus Loan with a VARTA Energy Storage Unit

The "Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau" offers a low-interest loan for energy-efficient construction. (German)


10. 09. 2019

E3/DC: Electromobility Stimulates PV and Storage Expansion in Private Households

Fourfold increase in new installations of private PV systems in Germany by 2035. (German)


09. 09. 2019

New BYD eBus Fleet Enters Service in Jerusalem

Egged, Israel's largest public transport operator, has taken delivery of ten new 12-metre BYD single-deck eBuses with 100% emissions-free, pure-electric mobility.


06. 09. 2019

Eaton’s New TFX Remote Monitoring System Enables Data-driven Decisions that Improve Machine Uptime and Productivity

Power management company Eaton announced the launch of its new TFX remote monitoring system, which provides fleet and equipment managers with a comprehensive view into machine location and performance.


06. 09. 2019

BlueSky Energy: Off-grid Warehouse for Potato Farm

In Belgium a warehouse in rural area without any grid connection is supplied by 10 kWh saltwater batteries.