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12. 02. 2019

Smaller, lighter, more powerful: Three new Lithium-Ion cells

VARTA Microbattery is presenting three new Lithium-Ion cell types for its proven CoinPower series at Embedded World.


05. 02. 2019

Eaton combines powerful automation solutions, equipment and services to help utilities modernize the electric grid and drive improvements in productivity

Power management company Eaton will demonstrate how it is working with utilities to modernize the electric grid.


31. 01. 2019

Atlas Renewable Energy Deploys NEXTracker’s TrueCapture Control System Across Latin American Portfolio

NEXTracker along with Atlas Renewable Energy, announced that the TrueCapture smart control system, developed by NEXTracker, will be deployed across Atlas Renewable Energy’s existing Latin American solar plants and on select...


30. 01. 2019

More energy during sport: The latest VARTA batteries for wearables and more

VARTA Microbattery presents three new Lithium-Ion cells for wearables and hearables at the ISPO Munich 2019.


16. 01. 2019

AXIS Names Keith Schlosser as Chief Information Officer

AXIS Capital Holdings Limited today announced the hiring of Keith Schlosser as Chief Information Officer.


15. 01. 2019

Residential PV Self Consumption is Optimum with VARTA Energy Storage System and Solar iBoost

The simple fact that PV energy generation peaks during the daytime when many homes have low demand has seen the rise of innovative hot water diversion devices and energy storage additions to residential PV arrays.


14. 01. 2019

Manifesto: Call for a Successful Transition to Renewables in the Transportation Sector

IBESA signed a Manifesto with Power2Drive and other strong partners committed to the idea of a successful transition to renewable sources of energy in the transportation sector and a sustainable future.