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18. 10. 2016

IMM: shading a light into the functioning of your power plant – down to module level!

A main headache for PV plant operators: the plant does not produce as expected, but you are most time not able to see into the reason why you are losing yields and profits. AEG IMM Technology shades a light into the functioning...


18. 10. 2016

The future of smart PV and O&M with AEG solar modules and monitoring at Renexpo Poland

Solar Solutions -official supplier of AEG solar modules and of unique, patented Individual Module Monitoring technology for smart O&M- and official distributor for Poland KRD Global Group will attend Renexpo Poland, introducing...


17. 10. 2016

sonnen secures $85 million in growth capital and gains new partners in creating the future of energy

sonnen’s new financing enables the company to continue its dynamic growth and promote its vision of a clean, decentralized and connected energy future.


13. 10. 2016

How to Become an Installer

In the highly competitive field of solar photovoltaic installation, installers need to consistently capture increased market share and with that, there is a critical need for installers to stand out from the pack and...


06. 10. 2016

VARTA energy storage also eligible in Austria

The energy transition starts in private homes: an increasing number of people produce their electricity on their own. During the summer 2016, the installed capacity in Austria reached one gigawatt peak for the first time.


30. 09. 2016

E3/DC presents new independence price list and new special edition S10 BLACKLINE

The technology company E3/DC, developer and inverter manufacturer of intelligent energy storage systems, starts with a new price model on 1 October 2016. In comparison to its previous offer, E3/DC reduces its price, especially...


29. 09. 2016

The entire energy storage system on a smartphone

As of now, VARTA Storage offers an application, which makes it possible to call up all data of the VARTA energy storage system and the energy flows in real time. The application is free of charge for Android, IOS and Windows...