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07. 12. 2016

sonnen strengthens the US business and expands its distributions

With the appointment of the former Tesla manager Blake Richetta as the new sales director in the USA, sonnen continues its expansion course.


07. 12. 2016

No energy costs for 20 years - E3/DC introduces electricity product ZERO

With the S10 home power station, E3/DC – market leader for emergency power supply – is now offering its customers the nationwide possibility of an energy supply for 20 years without operating costs.


02. 12. 2016

1.100 sonnen batteries within a month – sonnen sets a new delivery record

The sonnen group, the world’s largest manufacturer of battery storage, delivered 1.100 sonnen batteries in November. This was the first time the company shipped more than 1.000 battery storages within a month and set a new record.


01. 12. 2016

The most reliable and affordable home energy storage system on the market

xStorage Home a complete system, housed in a single unit, that integrates everything needed to manage and store energy in your home.


24. 11. 2016

Intelligent Use of Solar Power: Smart Chap, the Clever Home Energy Management System by SHARP

“Smart Chap” by Sharp is an intelligent modular home energy management system for solar power. Now solar power can be used efficiently in the home, achieving selfsufficiency rates of up to 95 percent.


22. 11. 2016

More than 300 applications for Global Leading RES (Renewable Energy Systems) Awards

Great expectations, great results – worldwide interest in Global Leading RES Awards


14. 11. 2016

MINERVA introduced two more energy bonds for German private investors

The independent energy investment specialist MINERVA broadens its product range with the energy bonds MEI 4plus and MEI 8plus. Both bonds are authorized on the German market, with an issue volume of 21 million Euro and 41 million...