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14. 11. 2016

Electrovaya Launches Battery Product Line for Forklift Market

Electrovaya Inc. announced today their new Lithium-ion ceramic product line for the Class I and II forklift markets. This market is heavily dominated by lead-acid battery solutions that cannot keep up with the demands of today’s...


10. 11. 2016

Steps Involved in a Solar Photovoltaic System Installation

Energy generation from solar photovoltaic is rapidly expanding. Part of this exponential growth is attributed to government policies that have been implemented around world, promoting incentives and other programs for solar power...


10. 11. 2016

sonnen introduces sonnenCommunity in Italy and opens new site

The sonnen group, market leader for battery storage in Europe, continues its growth in international markets. For this purpose, sonnen has opened a new site in Bergamo, from where business in Italy will be managed.


10. 11. 2016

Safe energy solutions for medical products

The VARTA Microbattery/VARTA Storage Group at the Medica 2016. High power microbatteries, standardised and customised Power Packs and hydrogen-gas generation cells will be presented by VARTA Storage/VARTA Microbattery GmbH at...


09. 11. 2016

Energy Storage to 2020 and Beyond

Increasingly we see Storage as the centre of focus for future energy systems at different scales. This paper looks at the current position in the UK and what we need to do next to open the doors which will enable industry to make...


09. 11. 2016

Expansion to the sunny south: solar energy storage „Made by VARTA Storage“ now also available in Italy

Varta Storage is expanding into Italy: the Bavarian storage manufacturer offers VARTA element with up to 9.6 kWh battery capacity and integrated inverter between the Southern Alps and Sicily since October 2016.


28. 10. 2016

M+W Group and partners present a study on the efficiency of solar technologies

M+W Group and project partners have presented the first results from extensive research into the benefits of combining the use of solar thermal and photovoltaic power plants.