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06. 06. 2019

E3/DC Receives Two Awards at the German Brand Award 2019

For the third time in a row E3/DC is among the winners of the German Brand Award. (German)


05. 06. 2019

BlueSky Energy has Certified 200 Electrical Companies

BlueSky Energy has doubled the number of its distribution partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland since the beginning of the year.


05. 06. 2019

VARTA AG Plans to Expand Again the Production Capacity for Lithium-Ion Batteries to Well Above 100 Million Batteries a Year

The VARTA AG Group is expanding its production capacities further, this time to above 80 million cells per year in 2020, and is planning additional expansion to well above 100 million cells per year in the following year.


03. 06. 2019

Markt&Technik Names VARTA CTO Rainer Hald Manager of the Year

The magazine Markt&Technik has appointed the CTO of VARTA AG Rainer Hald as Manager of the Year in the Batteries and Battery Assambly category.


29. 05. 2019

BYD Launches the First Pure Electric Taxi Fleet in Panama and Central America

BYD recently proudly launched the first pure electric taxi fleet in Panama and Central America in the City of Colón, in partnership with ENSA Servicios and TRASERVI.


29. 05. 2019

VARTA AG Acquires VARTA Consumer Battery Business from Energizer

Battery manufacturer VARTA AG signed an agreement today to acquire the VARTA Consumer Batteries business from the US American company Energizer Holdings, Inc.


28. 05. 2019

VARTA Presents Energy Storage Systems at the Fully Charged Live Show in Silverstone

With an average of around 3 million episode views per month on YouTube, the second Fully Charged live event is doubling in size.VARTA will present its solution for home energy storage of clean energy from the own roof – the VARTA...