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02. 09. 2019

BlueSky Energy: Off-grid with 25 kWh GREENROCK for a Family in Belgium

Living off-grid and self sustainable with an island mode storage system.


30. 08. 2019

VARTA Microbattery: CoinPower Brings Energy to Digital Medicine and Fitness

VARTA Microbattery at the Wearable Technologies Conference 2019 Asia in Bangkok.


08. 08. 2019

VARTA: A Flexible Combination for a Company’s Energy Transition

Machine manufacturer uses a photovoltaic installation integrated into the façade, plus a VARTA battery storage system.


02. 08. 2019

Chile Incorporates 100 New BYD Electric Buses, Consolidating Its Commitment To Electromobility

The Chilean Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications, Gloria Hutt, along with the Ministers of Energy, Juan Carlos Jobet, and the Environment, Carolina Schmidt together with representatives of BYD, Enel and the operator...


31. 07. 2019

Energy Storage Systems Provide the Greek Island of Kythnos with a More Stable Grid

VARTA installs pulse neo as part of the European project WiseGRID.


19. 07. 2019

A Day to Remember: 50 Years on Since the Moon Landing – VARTA Batteries Were on Board

Photos of the first moon landing 50 years ago were captured using a camera equipped with VARTA batteries.


09. 07. 2019

IHS: GoodWe Jumps to the 4th Position in the Global Ranking of Three-phase String Inverters

2018 was a brilliant year for GoodWe in the global market and this is now starting to be reflected on international rankings, where the position of the company has continued to move up, confirming the positive trends built over...