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03. 09. 2019

Eaton Launches an Extended Line of Blowout Preventer Hoses That Exceeds the Latest Fire Test Requirements

Power management company Eaton announced an extension to its range of blowout preventer (BOP) hoses, which meet the requirements of the demanding API 16D 2nd Edition drill well specification.


03. 09. 2019

E3/DC: Solar Electromobility as a Successful Model for Old Photovoltaic Systems

Own consumption of solar power as the most attractive solution. (German)


02. 09. 2019

E3/DC is a Market Leader for KfW-supported Storage Systems in 2018

Evaluations on KfW storage funding presented. (German)


02. 09. 2019

sonnen Appoints Tim Ulbricht as Global CSO

To further strengthen its international growth strategy, sonnen announces Tim Ulbricht as new Chief Sales Officer (CSO), who will be responsible for global sales.


02. 09. 2019


BlueSky Energy is offering Webinars about GREENROCK saltwater batteries.


02. 09. 2019

BlueSky Energy: Off-grid with 25 kWh GREENROCK for a Family in Belgium

Living off-grid and self sustainable with an island mode storage system.


30. 08. 2019

VARTA Microbattery: CoinPower Brings Energy to Digital Medicine and Fitness

VARTA Microbattery at the Wearable Technologies Conference 2019 Asia in Bangkok.