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21. 09. 2018

BYD Launches New Qin Pro Sedan in Beijing

The new vehicle comes with three powertrains solutions – gasoline, DM (plug-in hybrid) and EV (pure electric) – for consumers with different needs.


20. 09. 2018

New Karge Ebus Order Brings BYD Over 100 Sales in Scandinavia

The Swedish bus operator Nobina has placed orders for three types of BYD ebuses: 11 of the 12m ebuses, 10 of the 18m articulated ebuses and 5 of the 8.7m midi buses, which makes a total of 26 ebuses.


19. 09. 2018

International Conferences in the US and South Africa

GREENROCK saltwater batteries are presented at international conferences and shows in the US and South Africa.


18. 09. 2018

ib vogt GmbH Acquires Majority Stake in nv vogt Singapore Pte. Ltd.

With this step, the joint venture partners are reacting to the rapid growth of the Indian and Southeast Asian markets, as well as the increasing globalization within the industry and the associated investment opportunities.


18. 09. 2018

Collaborative Offsite PPA Structures for Renewable Energy Buyers

Bird & Bird and Schneider Electric Energy & Sustainability Services (ESS), a leading renewable energy practice, have partnered to develop this research paper on Corporate PPAs.


17. 09. 2018

Pioneer of Lithium-Ion Batteries Visits MEET and HI MS

Scientists from the MEET Battery Research Center and the Helmholtz-Institute Münster welcomed none other than Dr. Akira Yoshino, the inventor of the lithium-ion energy storage technology.


14. 09. 2018

Sharp Builds Mega Solar Plant in Zamyn Uud, Mongolia

Sharp Energy Solutions Corporation announces the completion of a mega solar power plant in Zamyn Uud, Dornogovi Province, Mongolia.