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17. 10. 2018

Flex Releases 2018 Sustainability Report

Flex sustainability programs and initiatives are aligned with the UN Global Compact (UNGC) principles, thus advancing the broader development of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


15. 10. 2018

New CombiTac 2.5 kV high voltage module

The new high voltage module enables users to quickly and easily insert 4 high voltage contacts in a space-saving carrier without the use of tools.


14. 10. 2018

Autonomous charging for E-cars

With the Underbody Charger, Schunk Carbon Technology is presenting a prototype of the electric gas station of the future, which makes it possible to autonomously charge a range of different vehicles in just a few seconds.


12. 10. 2018

GoodWe Inverters Flawless Operation under Harsh Environmental Conditions

Even though this is not a very large project this is a case in point that illustrates the GoodWe strategy of gaining customers’ confidence through the installation of high quality inverters capable of enduring extreme...


12. 10. 2018

GoodWe Massive Workshop Event in Izmir Turkey, October 23th 2018

More than 200 local installers & the largest Turkey EPC representatives have already signed up for the event in what it promises to be a very busy and productive day.


10. 10. 2018

GoodWe Attracts Large Crowds at the All-Energy Australia 2018

This year, GoodWe showcased its latest and specialized PV solutions in the All-Energy Australia convention, Australia’s largest renewable energy exhibition.


10. 10. 2018

Professional Energy Consulting for Cotedo Service GmbH

Due to the growing EV market, Munich-based car dealer expert cotedo has started a cooperation with Gildemeister energy efficiency GmbH. (German)