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09. 07. 2019

IHS: GoodWe Jumps to the 4th Position in the Global Ranking of Three-phase String Inverters

2018 was a brilliant year for GoodWe in the global market and this is now starting to be reflected on international rankings, where the position of the company has continued to move up, confirming the positive trends built over...


02. 07. 2019

GoodWe, the Best Protection Against the Rising Electricity Tariffs of Mexico

Since its establishment in the Mexican market some few years back, GoodWe has been a leading supplier of inverters for hundreds of small commercial projects, such as this 20kW installation at a restaurant in the beach town of...


02. 07. 2019

BYD Battery-Box Achieves Top Ranking in 2019 Energy Storage Efficiency Evaluation

Berlin University for Technology and Economy (HTW) evaluated the efficiency of leading energy storage systems in combination with different inverters.


26. 06. 2019

VARTA Enhances its Expertise in Energy Storage with the Hiring of Bengt Stahlschmidt as New General Manager Energy Storage Systems

VARTA is responding to ongoing business growth and expanding its management team.


21. 06. 2019

Outdated Grid Regulation Slowing Europe’s Energy Transition

Governmental policies that provide regulatory certainty are needed to spur private investment in the flexibility technologies required to ease the transition to a high-renewable energy future.


19. 06. 2019

NEXTracker Achieves Industry-First 20 Gigawatts Solar Tracker Milestone

NEXTracker™, a Flex company, announced its latest industry milestone, 20 gigawatts of its award-winning smart solar trackers delivered and under active fulfillment globally.


12. 06. 2019

VARTA Receives German Brand Award

"Time Capsule" showroom on the past and future of the battery honored as outstanding brand work. (German)