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29. 05. 2019

VARTA AG Acquires VARTA Consumer Battery Business from Energizer

Battery manufacturer VARTA AG signed an agreement today to acquire the VARTA Consumer Batteries business from the US American company Energizer Holdings, Inc.


28. 05. 2019

VARTA Presents Energy Storage Systems at the Fully Charged Live Show in Silverstone

With an average of around 3 million episode views per month on YouTube, the second Fully Charged live event is doubling in size.VARTA will present its solution for home energy storage of clean energy from the own roof – the VARTA...


21. 05. 2019

Annual General Meeting of VARTA AG Resolves on the Appropriation of Consolidated Profit for Future Investments

At the second ordinary Annual General Meeting of VARTA AG, the shareholders followed the recommendation of the Management Board and Supervisory Board that no dividend be distributed, with the consolidated profit for fiscal year...


21. 05. 2019

SENEC Wins Strategic Investor in Australia

SENEC continues to gain momentum in Australia, one of the most important growth markets for electricity storage. (German)


15. 05. 2019

NEXTracker Furthers Market Reach in Europe

NEXTracker™announced that the company is bolstering its sales efforts to respond to the renewed growth in PV projects slated to be developed in Europe over the next few years.


13. 05. 2019

VARTA at the ees Europe

VARTA presents its extended “VARTA pulse neo” energy storage system and cross-product cascading of VARTA storage systems.


13. 05. 2019

SENEC Sets New Installation Record

SENEC GmbH is on the road to success: The Leipzig-based supplier of electricity storage systems and intelligent solutions for its own solar power supply has set a new installation record.(German)