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15. 09. 2021

“Oeko-Institut” Tests Batteries from BlueSky Energy

The “Oeko-Institut” in Freiburg has thoroughly tested the saltwater battery from BlueSky Energy. In the analysis “Evaluation of the BlueSky Saltwater Battery with regard to Toxicology and Recyclability”, an independent German...


25. 08. 2021

[DE] Shaun Montgomery wird neuer CSO von xelectrix Power

Die xelectrix Power GmbH freut sich bekannt zu geben, dass Herr Shaun Montgomery zum 1. September 2021 als CSO / Chief Sales Officer die Verantwortung für die weltweiten Vertriebs- und Marketingaktivitäten übernimmt.


11. 08. 2021

VIDEO: Discover Solar & Storage DigiCon

Get to know the Solar & Storage DigiCon in this new video!


04. 08. 2021

Siemens Mobility and Continental to Supply Trucks Across Europe with Electricity from Overhead Lines

Siemens Mobility and Continental Engineering Services (CES) will cooperate in the future on the development and manufacture of pantographs for trucks. The eHighway technology from Siemens Mobility supplies trucks with electricity...


28. 07. 2021

New Investor and Strategic Advisor

We announce the entry of Mr. Martin Lehner as investor and strategic advisor.


22. 07. 2021

Non-destructive characterization of catalyst coated membranes for fuel cells

During a presentation, hosted by PLUGVOLT, we will discuss X-ray diffraction, X-ray fluorescence, and near-infrared spectroscopy techniques that can be used for materials characterization in development and production.


22. 06. 2021

Advanced In-Situ Experiments on Metal Organic Frameworks

Metal Organic Frameworks (MOF’s) are crystalline hybrid materials created from both organic and inorganic molecules by molecular self-assembly. Due to their porous structure, MOF’s have an extraordinarily large internal surface...


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