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Join our energy storage network and we can make a substantial contribution to strengthen your company’s performance and efficiency in the global competition.

Our first priority is to offer you an individual service that exactly meets your requirements and needs, with the help of a multitude of market tools. We will join you on your business process, and connect you to others in the industry. We also offer our Premium Partners ”hand-shake-services“ that turn attention to the partner in a specific market and help to breach it.

We offer limited administrative expenses, shared and speedy decision making and flexible structures – so we can react quickly to market developments, specific requirements of IBESA Partners and above all to current topics.

Take advantage of our definite and binding communication. We consider service the basis of a successful network. Contact us today to get access to and join our energy storage network and its expertise!

Partner Benefits at a Glance

Profit from our know-how from exclusive high-quality market research as well as a complete marketing and public relations package.
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12 months


*Please note that listed services are basic modules available to our partners – where applicable and appropriate.