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11th of September

8th IBESA U.S. Energy Storage Day

101: U.S. Energy Storage Market Opportunities in 2023 and Beyond – A Practical Guide to Understand & Leverage the Full Potential for your Business
Date: 11th September 2023
Time: 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Venue: The Venetian Convention and Expo Center Las Vegas, NV
Get ready to unlock the full potential of the U.S. energy storage market! Our practical and dynamic 4-hour workshop session, “101: U.S. Energy Storage Market Opportunities in 2023 and Beyond,” is the ultimate guide for installers, developers, utilities, technology providers, policy makers, and key storage stakeholders on both domestic and international levels.

With engaging and interactive sessions, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest market opportunities, deployments, policies, and regulations driving energy storage growth in the United States. Our expert speakers will showcase best practice examples in the residential, commercial, and utility scale segments, making the storage value propositions accessible for all participants.

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced level storage professional, this punchy workshop session will equip you with all the intelligence needed to stay ahead of the game. You’ll discover:

  • Energy storage opportunities in 2023 and beyond
  • Current market drivers and profitable business models
  • Latest state-level policy and regulatory updates in the U.S.
  • Understanding the playing field: Competitive landscape, procurement management & market segmentation
  • Where the biggest markets for C&I storage are appearing

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn from leading research firms and industry giants, and gain practical insights that will help you leverage the full potential of the U.S. energy storage market.

201: Advanced Topics in Energy Storage: New Business Models, Technological Innovations and System Intelligence
Date: 11th September 2023
Time: 12:30 – 4:30 PM
Venue: The Venetian Convention and Expo Center Las Vegas, NV

Get ready to take your energy storage expertise to the next level! Our advanced workshop session, “201: Advanced Topics in Energy Storage: Innovative Business Models, Technological Breakthroughs and System Intelligence,” is designed for energy storage professionals along the entire value chain.

You’ll get a comprehensive 360° view of new emerging business models, the latest technology breakthroughs, and solutions to create an intelligent storage system. With real-life case studies and expert insights, you’ll discover the impact storage has on environmental outcomes and how different storage configurations and operations can help with decarbonization efforts. Plus, you’ll learn about sustainable monetization strategies and identify new storage applications and technologies in the residential and C&I segments.

Our expert speakers will also highlight the innovative strength of coordination and control software, and with interactive panel discussions, you’ll get the chance to directly address your specific questions to the experts on stage.

Take your knowledge to the next level with these exciting topics:

  • Analysis of market dynamics in combination with storage pricing structures
  • Emerging / successfully proven business models in key states and regions
  • Storage technologies of today and tomorrow: Where are the returns?
  • Improving storage project economics through optimized system design & AI

Join us for this advanced workshop session and gain the knowledge edge you need to excel in the energy storage industry!

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